Smart Digital Door Lock

9,999.00 8,599.00

This lock will eliminate so many things like manual locking, making multiple keys for family members, no need to carry your key when you go out and so on. This lock is suitable for wooden doors. The lock is universal and simple to install, It can be installed both the side left or right of the door & both opening indoor and outdoor.

Fingerprint/ PIN/Card/ Key unlocking option for Wooden & Metal Doors

  • Upto 100 RFID Card & Upto 100 Pin Password can be register in this lock. || Computerized key also for unlocking.
  • Auto-locking system. || Low battery indicator. || External power port to give power to the lock in case of battery drain.
  •  You can use random numbers before or after the pin in the presence of strangers to protect your original Pin. Door Bell – There is an inbuilt doorbell in the lock. Record History – You can Check 100 Past Unlocking Records in the lock
  • Fingerprint unlocking – 0.4 sec. unlocking speed


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